• Spring 2016
    New experimental developments allow to monitor the temporal evolution of structural and dynamical heterogeneities in crystallizing and vitrifying colloidal fluids
    Nature Physics (2016), doi:10.1038/nphys3709
  • Autumn 2015
    New DFG project: "Untersuchung der Dynamik Weicher Materie mit langreichweitigen Wechselwirkungen in geometrisch beschränkten Systemen"
    Duration: 2 years, in collaboration with Georg Maret (Uni Konstanz)
  • Spring 2015
    New DFG project: "Crystalline thin film growth in anisotropic mixtures: a combined approach by experiment, theory and simulation"
    Duration: 3 years, in collaboration with Frank Schreiber (IAP Tübingen) and Tanja Schilling (U Luxemburg)

  • Reentrant glass transitions in a wedge have been investigated by simulations and theory in a collaboration between teams of U Bochum, MPIE Düsseldorf, U Innsbruck and our group
    Results published in Nat. Comm. 5 4435 (2014).

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