Splinter Meetings

During the AG 2013 meeting, twelve splinter meetings will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please have a look at the programme for their scheduling. Abstracts for talks and posters for these meetings have to be submitted during the general AG2013 registration. You will find links to the individual WWW pages below, as soon as they are created  by the respective convenors.


The convenors received all submitted abstracts from the abstract management on Sept 2, 2013. Lecture rooms for the splinter meetings will be assigned shortly before the meeting based on the number of submitted abstracts and individual wishes of the convenors.

CodeTitleConvenorsDay (Room)
  AeScience & Virtual ObservatoryHarry EnkeTuesday (VB N3)
  BThe Legacy of the Herschel Space ObservatoryMarkus NielbockTuesday (N1), Thursday (N9)
  CSupernova RemnantsManami Sasaki, Frank HaberlTuesday (N2), Thursday (N2)
  DOn the Origin of High-mass StarsJan Pflamm-Altenburg, Carsten WeidnerTuesday (N8), Thursday (N15)
  EEvolution of Star Clusters: From Star Formation to Cosmic AgesStefan HarfstTuesday (N14), Thursday (7E02)
  FGaseous Galactic Haloes in the Context of Galaxy EvolutionEva Jütte, Nadya Ben BekhtiTuesday (N16), Thursday (N3)
  GPlanetary Transits and Planet FormationGünther Wuchterl Tuesday (N9)
  HStellar and Urban Light, Night Sky, Impact of Light Pollution, and World HeritageGünther Wuchterl Thursday (VB N3)
  IEnergizing the Interstellar MediumMartin Krause, Marc Schartmann Tuesday (7E02)
  JCosmic Magnetic FieldsRobi Banerjee, Rainer Beck, Dominik Schleicher  Tuesday (N4)
  KAstrophysical JetsChristian Fendt, Matthias StuteThursday (N8)
  LThe High-Energy UniverseChristian SpieringThursday (N1)