Participants and Abstracts

Name E-Mail Title & Abstract Type
Adamczak adamczak[at]
Ahmad amir[at] Helium-rich subdwarf B stars Talk
Beeck benjaminbeeck[at]
Bildsten bildsten[at] Progress on Paths to Type Ia Supernovae Talk
Faint Thermonuclear Supernovae from AM CVn Binaries Talk
Bond bond[at] Mass-loss events in the pulsating central star of Longmore 4 Talk
Boyce db139[at]
The unidentified FUV lines of hydrogen deficient dwarfs Talk
Methods in velocity discrimination applied to DO stars Poster
Clayton gclayton[at] The Evolution of R Coronae Borealis Stars Talk
Copperwheat c.copperwheat[at] ULTRACAM observations of two accreting white dwarf pulsators Talk
Crowther Paul.Crowther[at] Spectroscopic analysis of [WC]-type PN central stars Talk
De Marco orsola[at] The evolution of H-deficient post-AGB stars: observational tests of single and binary evolutionary scenarios Talk
Diehl diehl[at] The Formation of Hydrogen Deficient Stars through Common Envelope Evolution Talk
Dreizler dreizler[at]
Dufour dufourpa[at] Hot DQ White Dwarf stars: A New Challenge to stellar evolution Talk
Fryer fryer[at] Simulations of merging white dwarfs Talk
Geballe tgeballe[at] 18O and the Origins of Hydrogen-Deficient Carbon Stars and R Coronae Borealis Stars Poster
Geier geier[at]
Gesicki gesicki[at] The nature of M 2-29 Poster
Glatzel wglatze[at] Stability and Pulsations of Wolf - Rayet Stars Talk
Gorny skg[at] Properties of [WC] planetary nebulae Talk
Gräfener goetz[at] WR wind models: [WC]-type CSPN vs. massive stars Talk
Gustafsson bg[at] The problematic modelling of RCrB atmospheres Talk
Hajduk Marcin.Hajduk[at] On the Evolved Nature of CK Vul Talk
Studying the Old Planetary Nebula of V4334 Sgr Poster
Hamann wrh[at] WR analyses Talk
Heber Heber[at] Subluminous O stars Talk
Herwig fherwig[at] Origin of Hydrogen-Deficient post-AGB Stars: Late He Flash Talk
Hirsch hirsch[at]
Jeffery csj[at] Extreme Helium Stars: a panorama Talk
Statistics of Hydrogen-Deficient Stars Talk
Kato mariko[at] Modeling the light curve of V445 Puppis: Helium nova on a massive white dwarf Talk
Kimeswenger Stefan.Kimeswenger[at] Morphologies of the nebulae arround "born-again" CSPNe Talk
Kipper tk[at] Optical Spectrum of Z UMi during its maximum light Poster
Koester koester[at] Hydrogen Traces in DB White Dwarfs Poster
Korcakova kor[at]
Kusterer kusterer[at] Accretion-disk wind in AM CVn binaries Poster
Langer n.langer[at] Wolf-Rayet stars as GRB progenitors Talk
Liebert liebert[at] New Results and a Luminosity Function for DO and DB White Dwarfs Talk
Lynas-Gray aelg[at]
Marcolino wagner.marcolino[at] The Ultraviolet Spectrum of the WELS Talk
Marsh t.r.marsh[at] AM CVn stars Talk
Mazzali mazzali[at] Type I Supernovae and their progenitors Talk
Miller Bertolami


Revisiting the Born Again (VLTP) Scenario: The importance of the remnant's mass Talk
Modeling He-rich subdwarfs through the Hot-Flasher Scenario: First results Poster
Asteroseismological Modeling of PG 1159-035, the Prototype of the GW Vir Variable Stars Poster
Miszalski brent[at] Central Stars of Galactic Bulge and MASH Planetary Nebulae Poster
Nagel nagel[at] Metal Abundances of Accretion Discs in AM CVn Binaries Talk
Napiwotzki r.napiwotzki[at] The origin of helium-rich subdwarf O stars Talk
Nelemans nelemans[at] H-deficient Low-mass X-ray binary donors Talk
Onifer aonifer[at] The Metallicity Dependence of Wolf-Rayet Mass Loss Poster
Pandey pandey[at] Fluorine abundances in R Coronae Borealis Stars Talk
Pavlenko yp[at] Model atmospheres and spectra of the cool hydrogen-deficient stars and peculiar giants Talk
Podsiadlowski podsi[at] Binary Channels for the Formation of Hydrogen-Deficient Stars Talk
Quirion olivier[at] Hydrogen-Deficient Compact Pulsators, the GW~Vir Stars and DB White Dwarfs Talk
Rao nkrao[at] Observational aspects of R CrB Stars Talk
Rauch rauch[at] O(He) Stars Talk
On the Distribution of Dust in the "Born-Again" Planetary Nebula A30 Poster
Reiff reiff[at] FUSE spectroscopy of cool PG1159 Stars Talk


Shell-model parameters of a star with the R Coronae Borealis type variability Talk
Possible indicator of incipient light minimum in a star with the R Coronae Borealis type variability Poster
List of helium novae Poster
Seasonal variations of radial velocity of RY Sagittarii, a star with the R Coronae Borealis type variability Poster
Saio saio[at] Radial and Nonradial Pulsations in RCrB and EHe-B stars Talk
Savanov igs[at] Optical spectroscopy of V4334 Sgr in 1996 Talk
Schönberner deschoenberner[at] FG Sge, V605 Aql, Sakurai - Facts and Fictions Talk
Schuh schuh[at] The close PG1159 binary system SDSS J212531.92-010745.9 - New light curves and spectra Poster
Solheim j.e.solheim[at] Search for pulsations in hydrogen-deficient planetary-nebula nuclei Talk
Todt htodt[at] Determining element abundances of [WC]-type Central Stars for probing stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis Talk
Traulsen traulsen[at] XMM-Newton Observations of Two Soft X-Ray Selected Magnetic CVs Poster
Van Hoof p.vanhoof[at] Recent observations of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's object) and V605 Aql Talk
Waldman waldman[at] Helium Stars as Supernova Progenitors Talk
Weidemann weidemann[at]
Wende sewende[at] Non-Linear Pulsations in Wolf-Rayet Stars Poster
Werner werner[at] Elemental Abundances in PG1159 Stars Talk
KPD0005+5106: Hottest DO White Dwarf Much Hotter Than Assumed Poster
Woudt pwoudt[at] V445 Puppis - a unique helium nova Talk
Zacs zacs[at] DY Per: Extremely Cool Galactic RCB star? Poster
Ziegler ziegler[at] UV and FUV spectroscopy of the hybrid PG 1159 star NGC7094 Talk