Participants and Abstracts

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Name E-Mail Title & Abstract Type
Alexander david.alexander[at] Opacities of Molecules and Dust Oral
Asensio Ramos aasensio[at] Radiative Transfer in Molecular Lines Oral
Formal Solution: Explicit Answers Oral
Insight into Multidimensional Transfer Oral
Aufdenberg jaufdenberg[at] Spherical and Expanding Model Atmosphere Predictions for Interferomety Poster
Avrett avrett[at] Effect of Mass Flows on the Ionization Structure of the Outer Solar Atmosphere Oral
Baron baron[at] Parallelization Strategies for ALI Radiative Transfer in Moving Media Oral
Bolick bolick[at]

Braun braunm[at] Density Functional Calculations for Atoms in very Strong Magnetic Fields Poster
Bruls bruls[at]

Bues bues[at] Cool helium-rich white dwarfs: Molecular opacities Oral
Carlsson mats.carlsson[at] Numerical Multi-D Radiation (Magneto-) Hydrodynamics Oral
Deetjen deetjen[at] Polarized radiation transfer - practical experience with the accelerated lambda iteration method Oral
Dreizler dreizler[at] Temperature Correction Schemes Oral
Fabiani Bendicho pfb[at] Basics Multi-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Oral
Feofilov artf[at]

Ferland gary[at] The Ionizing Continuum from Theta 1 Ori C, the Ionizing Star in the Orion Nebula Oral
Fokin fokin[at] Some aspects of modelling of pulsating atmospheres Oral
Folini folini[at] A new method for 3D radiative transfer with adaptive grids Oral
García-Gil agg[at] Comparisons between Observed and Computed Visible and Near-UV Spectra of Vega
Georgiev leonid[at] 2D NLTE code Poster
Gräfener goetz[at] Hydrodynamic Model Atmospheres for Hot Stars Oral
Gustafsson Bengt.Gustafsson[at] A Grid of Model Atmospheres for Cool Stars Poster
Haberreiter m.haberreiter[at] Dominating solar opacity sources in the near UV Poster
Hadrava had[at] Limb darkening and line-profile variability in eclipsing binaries Poster
Hamann wrh[at] Basic ALI in Moving Atmospheres Oral
Hauschildt yeti[at] Temperature Correction Schemes Oral

Parallelization Oral
Heber ai03[at] Stellar wind signatures in sdB stars? Poster
Heinzel pheinzel[at] 2D Radiative Transfer in Magnetically-Confined Structures Oral
Herrero ahd[at] Spectroscopic analysis of Cyg OB2 stars using Unified Models Poster
Hillier jdh[at] On the Solution of the Rate Equation Oral
Ho wynnho[at] Atmospheres and Spectra of Magnetic Neutron Stars Oral
Höflich pah[at] Basic ALI in Moving Atmospheres Oral

Parallelization Oral
Homeier derek[at] Methane Opacities in T-dwarf Atmospheres Oral
Basic ALI in Plane-parallel Atmospheres and Formal Solvers Oral
Model Photospheres with ALI Oral
Automated analyses of stellar spectra Oral
Computational Astrophysics Tools for the GRID Poster
Jordan jordan[at] Four numerical approaches to solve the radiative transfer equations in magnetized white dwarf atmospheres Oral
Jørgensen uffegj[at] Molecular opacities and cool star atmospheres Oral

Simulation of hot methane spectra Poster
Kasen dnkasen[at]

Kasparova kasparov[at] Time-dependent flare models with MALI Poster
Kimeswenger Stefan.Kimeswenger[at] V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's Object) - problems or a test for atmosphere modeling ? Poster
König mkoenig[at] Heating of a White Dwarf atmosphere by irradiation with cyclotron emission Poster
Koesterke lars[at] Rate Equations with ALI Oral
Korcakova kor[at] DFE Method in Moving Media Oral
Krticka krticka[at] Modeling of multicomponent radiatively driven stellar winds using Newton-Raphson method Oral
Calculation of temperature using a thermal balance of electrons Oral
A computer code for calculation of NLTE model atmospheres using ALI Oral
Kutepov aak[at] Infrared radiative cooling / heating of the terrestrial mesosphere / lower thermosphere Poster
Schuh schuh[at] Computation of element diffusion in non-LTE stellar atmosphere models Poster
Atomic Data in NLTE Model Atmospheres Oral
A grid of NLTE line-blanketed model atmospheres Poster
Lemke ai26[at]

Lentz lentz[at] Time-dependent Moment Equation Solution for Supernova Light Curves Oral
Ludwig hgl[at] Wanted: Best method for solving the transfer equation in multi-D hydrodynamical model atmospheres! Oral
Lynas-Gray aelg[at]

Martins martins[at] Line blanketing effects in atmospheres of O stars Poster
McMurry andrew.mcmurry[at]

Mihalas dmihalas[at] Radiation Hydrodynamics in Stellar Atmospheres Oral
Mizuno-Wiedner mizuno[at] A grid of model atmospheres for cool stars Poster
Morisset morisset[at] Testing EUV hot stars emission with nebular modelling of IR lines Poster
Nagel nagel[at] AcDc - A new code to calculate the vertical structure of accretion disks Poster
Nagendra knn[at] Solutions of Polarized Line Transfer Equations in Astrophysics Oral
The Iron Project and NLTE stellar modeling Oral
Self-consistent ab initio calculations for photoionization and recombination Poster
Poolamäe praivo[at]

Ramspeck ai31[at] NLTE Spectral Analysis of Iron group Elements in the hot subluminous O-Star BD+28 4211 Poster
Rauch rauch[at] Handling of Atomic Data Oral
NLTE modeling of lines in expanding shells of LPV's Poster
NLTE Modeling of Fe II and [Fe II] lines in the shocked atmospheres of M Miras Poster
Utrecht Radiative Transfer Courses Poster
NLTE in a hot hydrogen star: the Auer & Mihalas 1969 papers revisited Poster
Sapar sapar[at] Compact and Handy FORTRAN Code SMART for Physics of Stellar Atmospheres Oral
Schaerer schaerer[at]

Schmidt schmidt[at] Model Atmospheres of Massive Post-AGB Stars Poster
Using Superlevels to calculate Molecular NLTE Oral
Putting radiation hydrodynamics into a detailed model atmosphere calculation Poster
Semenov dima[at] Opacities for Protoplanetary Disks Poster
Simon ssimon[at]

Srinivasa Rao msrao[at] Reflection Effect in Close Binaries Oral
Staude astaude[at]

Stein stein[at] Radiation Transfer in 3D Numerical Simulations Oral
Steinacker stein[at] 3D Continuum Radiative Transfer for Young Stellar Objects Oral
Steiner steiner[at] Multi-Grid Radiation Transfer Revisited Poster
Tamanai tamanai[at] Optical Constants and Extinction Efficiency of Solid Materials Poster
Thomas thomas[at] Synthetic spectra from 3D models of supernovae Poster
Trujillo-Bueno jtb[at] The Non-LTE Problem of the second kind Oral
Uitenbroek huitenbroek[at] Multi-level Accelerated Lambda Iteration with PRD Oral
Unglaub unglaub[at] Diffusion calculations with mass loss in hot white dwarfs and subdwarfs Poster
Urbaneja maup[at] Analysis of B Supergiants revised: plane-parallel vs. unified models Poster
van Noort noort[at] 2-dimensional non-LTE Radiative Transfer in Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates Poster
Votruba votruba[at] Rayleigh-Taylor Type Instabilities in Hot Star Winds Poster
Walder walder[at]

Werner werner[at] Model Photospheres with ALI Oral
Wiedemann gwiedema[at]